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Have a look at our Test and Tag Resources!

Our goal is to create the most comprehensive web based resource for Test and Tag in Australia and New Zealand.  

We have taken the liberty to include some uncommonly accurate answers to some common questions.

In this section you will find: - 

  • The Test and Tag FAQ
  • The Guide to Visual Inspections
  • AS 3760 Appliance Test Intervals
  • A Glossary of Terms
  • An explanation of safety switches and what they do.
  • IEC Connector Types 
  • Electrical appliance safety information for Cleaners
  • Our Links or Favourites

The Test and Tag FAQ

This is the FAQ compiled by VicTesters answering some of the commonly asked questions. If you have an unanswered question, just ask us for our honest, professional opinion. 

Visual Checks You Can Do

This covers just about everything you could ever need to assess on the 'visual' side of the Test and Tag process. Unfortunately a lot of problems have cannot readily be analysed by a visual check as we cannot physically get inside cables, fittings and appliances. This is why it is also equally important to conduct the appropriate electrical tests using the correct equipment.

AS 3760 Test Interval Guide

This guide will give you an indication of the desired test Intervals contained in the standard. However, the clauses in the standard need to be used in conjunction with this table. Should to have any queries, please ask.  At recent project at a retirement village we discovered an electrician had tagged everything with a 6 months retest interval. It was not a factory, a place of repair or maintenance; but a residential situation requiring a two yearly test cycle. If only these electricians had a copy of the standard... that they had also read.

IEC Connector Types

Use this to lookup information on connector shapes and current ratings.

Test Tag Glossary

Some of the terms in Test and Tag can seem to be a bit strange - just like the jargon in any industry of profession; so here we provide you with a glossary of the common terms that may be used by your Test and Tag contractor.

Our Links

We have compiled a list of useful links for OH&S and General Safety Issues

VicTesters really do understand Portable Appliance Testing and Tagging and offer our expertise to help solve your workplace problems.  We believe in honest advice, honest service and the highest level of integrity in all our dealings with clients.


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