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 Our Favourite Cartoon

It's Birdbrains by Thom Bluemel a talented cartoonist and someone we regard as a friend. 

It's Here! 
It's Here!

So the Birdbrain is HERE at last. I hope it has been worth the wait for you. 

I know Thom, Birdbrain's creator will welcome feedback you may have on his drawing skills etc.

Thom's a great guy and I am sure he will look forward to receiving  comments from you.  

Birdbrains Frizzed Chicken by Thom Bluemel


How many Safety issues and defects can you spot in the above carton?


Please focus on "Unsafe means Unsafe", even when an item has been repaired by a licensed electrician. If it hasn't been retested and retagged, it still must be regarded as Unsafe. In some workplaces, removing the Unsafe Tag is a sackable offence.  That tag is placed for your protection; so only remove it if you are willing to accept the consequences.


Other Birdbrains cartoons are available on line at courtesy of Thom Bluemel.

Call back soon. 

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