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Approved Appliance One which has either a Regulatory Compliance Mark attached or alternatively a state based approval number. In Victoria, the marking is prefixed with the Letter 'V'.
AS/NZ 3760 Australian and New Zealand Standard for Portable Appliance Testing
Basic Insulation Provides for one layer of "basic protection" against shock for example older 'figure 8' flex only has basic insulation where a three core flex has basic insulation protected by an outer sheaf.
C Tick See RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark)
Class 0

Class 0 electrical appliance - means an electrical appliance in which protection against electric shock relies upon basic insulation.  Source NZECP 3:1998.

Class I Appliance Equipment where protection against electric shock is achieved by basic insulation and earthing. Equipment usually contains metal parts, e.g. a washing machine or dishwasher. 

An electrical appliance that has one layer of electrical insulation. This requires exposed metal to have an earth bond. 

Class II Appliance A Double Insulated appliance - meaning two layers of protective insulation. The appliance must have either the words 'Double Insulated' on the plate or the International symbol of two squares, one inside the other, to be considered Double Insulated. If not, it is considered to be Single Insulated or Class I.
Competent Person One who has the necessary practical and theoretical skills, acquired through training, experience or a combination of these to correctly undertake the tasks prescribed by AS/NZ 3760.
CBR Core Balance Relay or Safety Switch
Cord Extension Set An Extension Lead  - an assembly of three parts, a plug intended for connection to a mains outlet socket, a sheathed flexible cord and cord extension socket.
Core Balance Relay Another name for a Safety Switch or RCD
Current Rating The maximum current a device is designed and / or  approved to carry. For example a domestic power board has a current rating of 10 Amps. This is the maximum current that is permitted to flow through the plug. If the power board has four outlets then the outlets can supply a maximum of 10 Amps between them or an average of 2.5 Amps each.
Double Insulated Means two layers of Insulation
Earth Bond The Earth Bond applies to  Class 1 electrical products. The Earth Bond test is designed to verify the integrity of the protective conductor (earth wire) and that all parts of the conductive case of an ‘earthed’ product are properly connected to the Earth terminal. 
ELCB Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (see RCD) 
IEC International Electro-technical Commission. The IEC is the standards organization for all areas of electro-technology. www.iec.ch 
IEC Lead Generally refers to a cord set with an IEC 320 14A connector as used to connect to computer equipment and monitors. 
Electrocution Death by electric shock. The term is often used incorrectly to refer to a non-fatal event of electric shock.
EPOD Electrical Portable Outlet Device - a power board
GFCI Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
GPO General Purpose Outlet - refers a wall socket supplying 240 Volt mains power and commonly rated to supply 10 Amps to the appliances connected to it. This is the current required to power a 2400 Watt fan heater on its highest setting. 
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Another name for a Safety Switch
Leakage Current Is current that flows in alternative paths, instead of the intended path; the alternative path being an earth conductor or through a person when they make contact with the equipment. The leakage current then flows via the earth conductor and back to the neutral via the earth-link on the switchboard neutral bar. 
mA Milliamp or 1/1000 part of an Amp
Megger A brand name of an Insulation Resistance Tester
MOV Metal Oxide Varistor - See Varistor
OCEI Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector 
(Now Energy Safe Victoria)
PAT Portable Appliance Tester
RCD Residual Current Device (Safety Switch)
RCM Regulatory Compliance Mark, also known as the "C Tick". This is a tick inside the letter 'C' and all contained inside a triangle. It indicates that the supplier claims the product is compliant and meets regulations. 
Safety Switch See RCD
Supernova XE Top of range Portable Appliance Test set manufactured by Seaward Instruments UK to meet Australian Standards and used by VicTesters. 
Trip Current A current which when flows will interrupt the supply by tripping a Circuit Breaker or RCD.
UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply.  An often misunderstood piece of equipment unwisely installed to perform magic in case of power interruption. e.g. power a load greater then its design values.
VA Volt-Amps -  The product of Volts and Amps used to indicate the apparent power that a UPS can supply or the maximum apparent power requirement of a device. VA is often misunderstood and confused with Watts. This confusion misleads many to believe that a 1000VA UPS can supply the equivalent power consumed by a 1000 Watt heater. If only this was true. In fact it is more of an indicator of the maximum current when VA is divided by 240 (Volts).
Varistor Non linear resistor which reduces its resistance as the voltage applied across it increases. Used as a surge or spike suppressor. 
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